About Me

Hi! my name is Dhilip Subramanian, BI Analyst based in Wellington, New Zealand. I work in Microsoft Data Platform, focusing on Business Intelligence, Data Visualization, Data Integration, Data Warehousing and Machine Learning. My core skills are Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Data Factory, Azure Functions, Azure Logic Apps, Databricks, SQL Development, Power BI, and Tableau.

I have worked in various domains like Oil & Gas, Finance, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Government, Sales and Marketing etc. More than anything, I love to tell stories with data, especially those with a significant impact.

I gained diverse international experience by living and working in India, the Middle East, South East Asia, Europe, and New Zealand. In addition, I enjoyed helping businesses to make data-driven informed decisions and sharing my knowledge by writing blogs on Medium and other various platforms.

Have fun browsing through the content, and thank you for visiting!

You can also reach me at sdhilip200@gmail.com or through Linkedin.